What is healthcare?

For many, “healthcare” means going to the doctor or to the hospital.

In fact, it refers to the system of medical centers, hospitals, community and urgent care clinics, and physician offices where doctors, specialists, therapists, and other healthcare professionals provide services to help people become and stay healthy. Delivery of care usually involves a fee, which can be paid either directly by the patient or through an insurance company.

How do I choose a doctor?

The New American Alliance (NAA) provides the resources to allow individuals to select the most appropriate and best available healthcare provider for their unique situation. (Note: NAA does not recommend specific medical providers.)

Things to take into consideration when exploring healthcare:

  • For medical emergencies, call 911.
  • For non-emergencies, community or urgent care clinics are an affordable option.
  • For insurance provided by an employer, contact HR personnel with any healthcare questions.

Where can I find healthcare services?

  • For those without insurance, consider Casa de Salud (House of Health) This clinic primarily serves foreign-born patients and offers interpretation in many languages. They can also help find specialty care outside of their clinic. A listing of additional clinics for uninsured individuals is available here. (link to pdf provided by Emily LaCour)
  • If eligible, the healthcare marketplace is an option for many foreign-born individuals who don’t have health insurance through an employer. For more information, visit the Cover Missouri site here.
  • For information on Medicaid, see the Medicaid website here.
  • For assistance enrolling in Medicare, visit the Missouri CLAIM website here.
  • For a listing of non-profit organizations that provide healthcare services to foreign-born individuals, click here.

Healthcare is often very complex and it helps to speak to a person! If you have questions, please contact NAA at 314-655-0889.