What are legal services?

The New American Alliance most often receives questions about immigration legal services, which include questions about asylum, green cards, citizenship, visas, family-based petitions, and more.

How do I choose a legal service provider?

The New American Alliance provides the resources to allow individuals to select the most appropriate and best available legal option for their unique situation. (Note: NAA does not recommend specific lawyers.)

For all needs regarding immigration concerns, be sure to see a licensed attorney or Department of Homeland Security-certified Immigration Specialist. Those offering immigration advice without the appropriate license or certification are engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

Things to take into consideration when exploring legal services:

  • Some nonprofit legal organizations serve individuals on a sliding scale (i.e. cost is determined by income)
  • Some agencies with low-cost services can have waiting lists
  • Some agencies only serve individuals with a certain immigration status, only in a certain geographic area, or only for specific requests
  • It is best to call ahead to confirm with the agency or lawyer that they can assist you

As always, if you have questions about a specific case, please contact NAA at 314-655-0889.